1893 is the year that the Keeler Brass Company® first opened its doors. Its bold mission was to perfect the art of crafting the highest quality hardware. Its passion was to transcend hardware, to produce art, heirlooms, and family treasures. In time, the Keeler Brass Company became synonymous for design and finish innovation and excellence in many industries, including furniture, kitchen cabinetry, appliance components, marine, and automotive.

1893 was also the year that Coca-Cola®, the zipper, the photoelectric cell, the diesel engine, and the gasoline automobile all made their debut. 1893 was a year of bold vision and innovation.

We at Keeler do not take our past lightly: Our heritage touches three centuries and two millennia. We honor our rich legacy by boldly using specialized knowledge, honed expertise, a wealth of original designs, and innovation to keep our industry and customers on the cutting edge of product design that enhances people’s lives.